How do I get an internship/where are the best places to look?

Career Services on campus is a great tool to get jobs or internships. However, other good places to look are Indeed.com, Internships.com, LinkedIn or WayUp.com. The most important thing to keep in mind during this process is to not get discouraged! In most cases, people will apply to over 10 internships and only get a handful of interviews. Just be diligent and keep at it 🙂

How can I get a job on campus?

On the stjohns.edu website there is a tab in the top right corner that says “WORK @ SJU”. From there you would click on Student Positions and then the campus you would like to work at.

How do I deal with rejection from friends and others?

  • Understand the cause or reason for rejection
  • Become self-aware about your behaviors and how they affect others
  • Do not take rejection personally, it is not always your fault
  • Accept the rejection early, the longer it takes the more painful it will be
  • Lastly, join our community and connect with others in the same position, or similar, as you and find coping solutions together! Whether it is attending events, discovering new hobbies, or simply just talking about it, there is always a solution and you’re never alone!

What is a good way to stay organized?

Buy a planner and color code things. Write assignments down in order or due date so you know what needs to get done first. It also helps to have a friend who is organized to keep you on track. A good tip is to try to focus on the tasks close at hand rather than on a broad level to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

What are some social events happening on and off campus?

Check out the upcoming events in our EVENTS tab.

What is a good way to get extra credit?

Go to class because attendance helps a lot. Ask the professor what opportunities are available. Professors often give extra credit for going to tutoring or even lectures.

Is it better to take morning, afternoon, or night classes?

Test out one of each first and then see which fits best. Morning classes, 9:05 or 10:40 are good because you can have them back to back or just get them out of your way and then have the rest of the day available. Afternoon classes are tricky if you work at night or want to go home early on the weekends. Night classes are better when you are a senior to prep for graduate school. The night classes are also good if you are not a morning person or work during the day.

Which meal plan is worth the money?

If you live on campus and are not a freshman then the 14 swipes is the best deal. You are guaranteed 2 meals a day and then have $200 to spend through the semester wherever you choose. This plan includes 10 premium swipes that can be used through the semester as well.

Am I able to get student discounts at restaurants or for events?

Most student events on campus are free except for the Men’s Basketball games. Campus Concierge offers discounted tickets to different Broadway shows or sporting events each semester. They also have dinner and a movie packages available for purchase.

What is the best way to get to the subway from campus?

You can take the Q46 on Union Tpke to Kew Gardens (the last stop) and get the E or F from there. You can take the Q30/31 to 169th St and get the F train there. You can also take the shuttle bus on campus to either 169th St or the Jamaica LIRR station.