What Advice Would You Give Yourself 4 Years Ago?

By Daniel Garcia

Hindsight is 20/20. If I could go back in time and start my collegiate process over, I totally would. I would try to be a bit subtle about it though; I wouldn’t change too much about my life. I like where I’m at now – about to finish my undergraduate degree –  but I wish there were just some things that were pointed out to save myself some heart break.

Life is a struggle of “you” kind of just being a dick and making problems for “future you” sometimes. Continue reading

Sex ED


Let’s talk about sex, baby.

No, really. Like all great stories start, it began on Tinder. Sophia* was quite literally the girl next door. I knew her from around school but we never moved past the casual, innocent flirt. Tinder got me her number and gave me a reason to start having a semi-real conversation. Continue reading

Educate YOself

By Alexa Vagelatos

Sometimes, college is the ultimate struggle. You’ve got three papers due in two days (well, you procrastinated…) over to your right, your internship to the left, a weekend job in both hands, and all other activities/responsibilities/life, smack in the middle.

A struggle, it is. It’s an experience that can be really tedious and annoying. It’s something you don’t want to have to deal with. But, most of all, it’s something that we take for granted. Continue reading